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導向月刊 第191期(7/2001) 第E4頁

Under My Tires

/Hsaio Ching

"What you see is what you get", so the saying goes. But what happens when what you see is NOT what you get ?

This summer as I was driving from lllinois to Florida, I was again amazed at the mirage I saw on the highway. As I drove, I could see that the road was my deceiver. In front of me it looked as if there was wet pavement ahead. To the furthest point I thought I was going to come across a flooded road, it looked as if water covered all of the cement on the road.

Yet, each time I came to a point where I could measure: a sign; a tree; I would be confronted with the bare truth. I was fooled again and again. There was no water, no wet lands, only dry, hot pavement underneath my tires.

Suddenly what crossed my mind was Glen. Glen was someone I worked with and when I first met him, I thought, as many do, that he was wonderful. He seemed so happy, easy going, helpful and a delight to be around.

As the months went by, I became too familiar with angry outbursts, lies, manipulative acts by this person I thought I knew. I no longer trusted him, tried to avoid him when possible and found that there were others who knew the "real Glen".

There were people who recognized him as the mirage he was. From afar he seemed so real. But when one got real close, unfortunately, the reality revealed his evil nature.

As I am driving and thinking about Glen, I began to wonder if I have ever been a mirage too. Were there times in my life that I claimed to be helpful, but when asked I would give an excuse not to help? I know there were occasions when I claimed to be so loving at church, yet became very impatient and angry at a waitress during Sunday church.

So when people come close to me, so they see the real me, or am I a mirage? Am I deceiving them as the mirage on the road? What is really under my tires? Water or dry land?



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